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Time outs at the exact same spot everytime

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone else in the Missoula area is getting timeouts at the exact same spot every time? I'm hitting a wall here, as soon as I get off Bresnans network and onto Quest, my connection starts to see time outs.

This is causing massive latency spikes every 5-10 minutes. I can't say if it's isolated to just the evening as I'm at work till 17:30 so I only notice it from then till I go to bed (around 01:00).

As expected, Bresnan's support sucks and tells me there's nothing they can do as it's outside their network. Total crap. I'm compiling a list of users with the same issue so if you too have this problem, can you post your tracert here or send it to me in a email: nocktis(at)gmail.com

Note the time out at step 9. Happens EVERY time

Not connected to a router, tried 2 different CAT5 cables. Happens at the same spot with all 3 computers I tested. Thanks for any help!


Bridgeport, CT
your time out a 9 seems to be a router that doesnt reply to a ping request nothing strange there

Powell, WY
reply to Nocktis
downloadBresnan 2011···4-04.txt 47,648 bytes
Bresnan's Billings Speedtest Server 2011-04-04
downloadBresnan 2011···4-05.txt 36,732 bytes
Bresnan's Billings Speedtest Server 2011-04-05
downloadGoogle 2011-···4-04.txt 163,541 bytes
Google 2011-04-04
downloadGoogle 2011-···4-05.txt 125,566 bytes
Google 2011-04-05
I have attached today's and yesterday's traces to both of those locations for you to peruse.

I Void Warranties

Billings, MT
Why is it bouncing through at&t's backbone?

Powell, WY
Beats me. It goes to Nashville, TN then to Atlanta, GA to get to Google's servers there when CA via Google's Seattle PoP would be far closer both logically and physically...Especially since that is where Bresnan already built out to but I suspect ATT doesn't have a peering relationship with Google's PoP in Seattle. If it goes through Bresnan's Denver route (Lvl3) it goes to Google through Dallas.


traceroute to google.com (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 sub-96-31-116-2.tctwest.net ( 1.596 ms 7.131 ms 4.831 ms
2 sub-96-31-116-1.tctwest.net ( 1.378 ms 0.991 ms 1.901 ms
3 brln-7606-t1-2.tctwest.net ( 2.593 ms 1.957 ms 1.861 ms
4 blns-7606-g5-1.tctwest.net ( 5.509 ms 5.748 ms 5.986 ms
5 209-193-109-252.mammothnetworks.com ( 16.226 ms 16.141 ms 15.416 ms
6 VCN-SEA-1000M.demarc.spectrumnet.us ( 36.507 ms 33.247 ms 34.464 ms
7 google-sttlwa-core-01.mammothnetworks.com ( 47.391 ms 47.172 ms 46.519 ms
8 ( 47.745 ms 46.997 ms 49.072 ms
9 ( 47.927 ms ( 47.644 ms ( 60.372 ms
10 ( 51.142 ms 50.831 ms 51.070 ms
11 ( 50.925 ms ( 50.769 ms ( 53.442 ms
12 ( 59.428 ms ( 50.861 ms ( 56.732 ms
13 pv-in-f147.1e100.net ( 50.818 ms 51.018 ms 51.724 ms