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This is a sub-selection from But you will be paying more.


Cupertino, CA
reply to Wings80

Re: But you will be paying more.

It's the overages that I have a major problem with. I don't believe that I should have to pay more just because I went over some arbitrary number established by AT&T.

U-verse, while the equipment has been installed in my neighborhood more than 2 years ago, is still unavailable so that is definitely not an option.

While Comcast has a cap, it is 100 GB more than AT&T's and there are no overages. Comcast's download speed is also 4 times what I had with AT&T (12 Mbps vs 3 Mbps) and it's only $10 more a month ($35 vs $45). IMO, the extra download speed is worth the $10. Now, if Sonic were to offer their ADSL2+ service (called Fusion) in my area, I'd jump on that in a heartbeat.

Campbell, CA
Have u made the switch? How is Comcast? I may have to do the same.


Cupertino, CA
The switch has been made, and, for now, I'm satisfied with Comcast's service. I was able to qualify for a promo price of $20/month for the first 6 months and the regular price afterwards.
This is a sub-selection from But you will be paying more.