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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Gross Errors in ATT data metering for iPad data plan

I took advantage of the free 30 day 2G plan for my new iPad on 25 March. Data rates here in South Florida are good, I usually see 1.5 to 3Mb/s down and 1.2 Mb/s up. The problem is that ATT claims for how much data I've used are grossly inflated. In 11 days they show my usage at 4.516 GB with 4.188GBof that supposedly occurring yesterday. I spent 3 hours tring to reach anyone at ATT that could fix the problem with no success. My iPad shows my total data usage as 390MB up and 1.2 GB down. I believe those numbers. No one at ATT that I talked to cared what I or my iPad reported. I had to cancel the data plan since I did not want to have to keep calling to get credit for false overages. After canceling, my iPad now shows "No Service" where it formerly showed strength bars and ATT. I fear that some GPS functionality is lost if tower triangulation is no longer working. Can anyone steer me to a KNOWLEGABLE ATT support person that understands that web surfing and email retrieval will not result in 4.11 GB of download in one day? they also have to acknowledge that the iPad report of data consumed is valid. I've offered screen shots and iPad logs to prove the problem but none of the 7 or so ATT people I talked with had any idea what they would do with the data. I have filed a trouble ticket with Apple Care - they agree that the data download numbers on the iPad should match ATT numbers, and that 4.188 GB in one day would only happen with something like 4 hours of video streaming.

Got Helix?
Putnam, CT
Could there have been a backlog on reporting from AT&T's side that they caught up on? Maybe it was a few days usage...


Fort Lauderdale, FL
The iPad shows realtime usage in settings. The ATT numbers should agree but they are nearly 4 times higher.

Some additional info: this is the new post-paid data plan that must be arranged by telephone and canceled by telephone. After canceling the run-away plan, my iPad no longer connects to ATT as it did fresh out of the box. I believe it should be possible to subscribe to the pe-paid plan from the iPad settings menu without being in a wifi reception area. Mine will no longer do this. Apple Care tells me I will need to get a new sim from ATT.


Fort Lauderdale, FL
I just received a new bill from ATT. They updated their claim for data usage to 9.7GB and charged an additional $80 for the overage. I got them to remove the charge but it is still unsettling that their metering can be so far off. The Ipad still reports 1.2GB used.