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Mos Def

reply to jeisenberg

Re: Not a very objective rating

First of all, I didn't use the word reasonable in my assessment. Second of all, I think you need to check out the definition of 'reliable' for your own good...

"reliable |rilbl|
consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted : a reliable source of information."

And finally, I rated it ~50% because that's what I feel like I am receiving in terms of connection reliability. Do I receive reliable speeds all the time? No. Do I receive an adequate connection without consistent outages (which requires hard resetting of the modem to fix)? No. The second one most likely has to do with the ancient modem that they make you use.

I'm not sure of the competition regarding DSL as I have never used DSL. I can tell you that TekSavvy's DSL service offers unlimited cap...

Mos Def


You could say my angst toward Cogeco is a bit biased in some regards... but it isn't totally out of line. And I say that for one reason... I have been a customer of theirs for nearly 15 years, and yet I can't get any leeway in terms of cap or speed upgrades (while remaining at the same price point)?

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