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Helena, MT

When if ever

Sitting here looking at my letter from "cablevision" from John Bickham or at least his office. Which states that in the coming months there will be enhancements.

I never watch television so I would not know if anything has improved there and to my mind it is all sewage spewing out of the thing anyway, but I am interested in the statement
" Our Optimum Online high-speed internet service will nearly double your speed"

I have seen absolutely NO speed increase in fact the opposite as my downloads are to say the least lack luster and I have never even come close to the speeds with exception of my upload which is rock solid at 1Mb and has been since before cablevision took over.

I have seen an improvement to Denver and the west coast ping wise but no speed changes except slower ones.
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Billings, MT
They're still working on it. I haven't seen speed increases in Billings either.