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Extend Cable down street.

I live down the street from the end of the cable, maybe 1000-2000 feet. Getting ads from Wave for their internet, but they come here and tell me I can't get it, but on their internet, it says I can. Can't find another ISP. No DSL on my street. SAT is not an option, need low latency, at least lower than 80ms. I've emailed them, but trying as hard as I can to find service. They told me it would cost about 8000 USD to extend. There are about 5-7 houses between the end of the cable and my house, so I figure if each orders 10mb/1mb service, 7 homes X $60/mo X 12 months =5040 USD a year. So about 1 year and half until initial investment is paid off, and profit is made. Would they extend? I've sent them an email, no reply yet, but I hope they can service my home.


Rocklin, CA
Can you PM me your address to "wave916" and I can check with our engineering group? Thanks!


West Sacramento, CA
reply to Av8
Ok I've sent it to you.