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Dr. Zoidberg

Elmhurst, NY
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reply to Crookshanks

Re: If it doesn't go through then what?

If DT really wants to get out of the USA market and this deal bombs out, I would like to see Vodafone dumping its share in Verizon and nabbing up T-Mobile. I think Vodafone would be more likely to stick around and create a market/bring some of the european practices within the US.
thas my 2 cents.
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Binghamton, NY
T-Mobile seems to bring some European practices to the US. They are the only carrier that makes it easy for you to sign up without a contract. They are considerably cheaper than the other three and don't lock down their phones or cripple any of the features contained within them.

For the life of me I can't figure out why DT would feel a compelling need to exit the US market. Are they hard up for cash or something? T-Mobile USA would seem to be a cash cow and it's got nowhere to go but up.

Vodaphone would be a logical choice though if DT really does want to exit the market. Verizon wants full ownership of VZW (or should I say the cellco partnership?) badly enough that I bet they'd pay handsomely for it. That money could then be used to buy T-Mobile USA. Seems like a win-win for everybody and a much better option than allowing AT&T to assimilate the last remaining budget priced national carrier.

But what do I know....

SexaT duorP
Saint Louis, MO
DT wants to stay, but doesn't want to invest any money into the market. They want to use the earnings from TMO USA to pay off DT debts. It looks they wanted to sell for cash, plus get 8% equity in ATT for continued income to pay off debts without having to worry about further expenses for building out a network.

Of course, if the deal doesn't go through they get valuable AWS spectrum, and $3bil in cash which could definitely help pay for network improvements to increase competitiveness. So either way DT wins.
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