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Re: If it doesn't go through then what?

Why is Google always mentioned when it comes to buying a carrier? Google has no interest in running anything. You have a better chance of someone like MS, Apple, or even Netflix becoming a WISP.



If it's true that Google made an offer for Tmob before ATT outbid them, that would be why.

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Cheyenne, WY

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reply to StBrandon

said by StBrandon :

You have a better chance of someone like MS, Apple.

I keep hearing the Apple thing too. I answer by saying Apple did not get where they are by being stupid. Right now they are selling their products in gigantic numbers, in March they sold 2.6 million iPad 2's making billions of dollars why should they saddle themselves with a ball and chain that T-Mobile would be. It is like the 1849 gold rush in California. It wasn't the gold prospectors that made the money it was the people who supplied the gold prospectors with shovels, gold pans, and Levi's that raked it in. Apple supplies the devices, Makes the moola, stays out of all of the bad blood flowing between the customers and wireless providers. Apple knows what side of this game their bread is buttered on.


Chicago, IL

As bad as Google screwed up the whole "after the sale" customer support with my Nexus 1, I'd just as soon they stay out of the wireless market. Not that I needed it, but I read enough horror stories about the average Joe not getting any kind of help from them.



If Google were to buy any company that requires customer service, they should just do it as a holding company (that can influence google services) and not directly operate it. They are not customer service oriented company at all.

With the Google Gb Net thing in KC.. they apparently plan to let ISPs ride on top of it and let them handle the customer service. TWC used to do this, offering RoadRunner, AOL and I think Earthlink.


reply to xenophon

IF. Big IF there. I guess you believe they actually wanted that spectrum they inflated the price of as well? Sorry dude, Google doesn't care to run anything where they have responsibility to provide any kind of support.


reply to Transmaster

I doubt Apple would do it as well. It was just an example of a rich company that came to mind.