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I Can Not Tell A Lie.
Netcong, NJ
reply to battleop

Re: Net netural too I assume.

said by battleop:

I don't know anything about Net10 so I am going to make an assumption that they are really just a Verizon wholesaler and not a wireless carrier that's going to have a roaming agreement.

The way that things are priced to the Verizon wholesalers is going to be completely different than someone like Cricket.

Whatever agreements they have were negotiated freely not mandated. I just looked up Cricket and they won't sell me service. What's up with that? I demand the FCC require Cricket to build a network to serve me as fast as Verizon's 4G does. While the FCC is forcing companies to do things that are bad business they should force Sprint to supply mobile broadband to me also. What's up with these cherry picking clowns?

I'm sorry some people have to ride the bus because they can't afford a car but that doesn't give them the right demand I give them a ride. I may as well sell my car and ride in someone else's. Oh my what if everybody sells there car and wants to ride in someone else's? Oh I know there will soon be no cars.