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Mountain View, CA
reply to robman50

Re: [hard drive] Does anyone know how to read the SMART data?

said by robman50:

My drive does sound loud but I forgot I disabled AAM/APM.
Access can be slow but that can be the O/S.
As for the SMART data, that one program gave my drive a 62% because of the spindle spinup. But maybe the 62% is still called a pass?

No. The software that you used is simply broken and makes the incorrect assumption that RAW_VALUE is equal to a literal value/number. As I described, this is not always the case, as SMART attributes can be encoded in any form (they are not standardised). My recommendation is to avoid the software in question and use something that doesn't try to "warn" you based on silly/bad assumptions of a developer who obviously doesn't understand SMART or read ACS/ATA specifications.
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Beamsville, ON
The manufacture diagnostics gave the drive a pass and so did the OEM diagnostics.
So I guess thats good enough?