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reply to xenophon

Re: Yes

said by xenophon:

True Unlimited is the only option they have to differentiate themselves. They have the spectrum to do it so need to exploit it. It can work if they keep pushing it in their ads. They need an edgier message though, with creative bashing undertones.

Sprint should take it a step further and say that once you become a Sprint customer, you get unlimited forever as long as you stay a Sprint customer, even when switching phone/plans - to alleviate concerns it may go away some day.

This would put them in a similar class of Costco's return policy - you can return products as long as you stay a contiguous customer. If you leave Costco and come back, you don't get to return items before leaving.

i would like to see them also specifically state that not only are you 'unlimited' for life but also 'throttle free' for life. the industry has a whole lot of precedence for grandfathering in unlimited data users but than startling\ng to throttle them with a FUP. customers of sprints virgin mobile brand are experiencing this very issue now.

BF69 fan


I do not see that happening because if they did they could easily be sued if they ever changed their mind down the road.


Lawrence, KS

Right... were it not for that "you agree to consent to binding arbitration..." clause in your contract.

BF69 fan


Would still in no way stop people from trying to start a class action lawsuit.



They cannot promise something FOREVER, but they could promise it for a contract length, and that will get people to come if they are the only carrier left with true unlimited (which they probably will be soon).

Unlimited plans still make no economic sense for consumers, but hey, they like them.