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Shallow Astroturfing (The So-called Precusor Blog)

I just tried six times to post the following message on the Precursor Blog by Scott Cleland (www.precusorblog.com):

"I used to live in the UAE which had a single state run phone company (Etisilat). When the World Trade Organization required competition, they created a second primarily state owned phone company (Du) and nothing changed. ATT and Verizon may compete, but they generally march in lock step thereby denying customer choice. They are essentially our version of the UAE companies mentioned above. Canada has three large providers (Bell, Rogers, and Telus), but Canada found that there was inadequate competition and pried the doors open for new competitors Wind and Public who are shaking things up. A duopoly is very much the same as a monopoly. While your position is well argued, I just don't see it."

As the poster of the original article correctly noted, the precusor blog appears to be deliberately rigged to stop posting while maintaining the appearance that posting is permitted. Everytime I tried to post to the blog, Mr. Cleland's blog said I was not filling out the captcha correctly or that I wasn't hearing the audio captcha correctly.

I hope people who are searching for articles to get a sense of public opinion about the proposed ATT and TMobile merger do not regard Mr. Cleland's views is representatives or accepted because no one has "chosen" to put a post up on his "precusor blog."



Miami, FL
You mean the Google is the most evil company in America blog?

Scott doesn't care about the truth. Just that his checks from the telecomunication companies keeps rolling in.

Karl Bode
News Guy
The frightening thing is he continues to be called before Congress as an objective and independent sector analyst.