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Kansas City
reply to criggs

Re: April Sprint 4G Wimax Speeds

I have no inside knowledge about the subject but I agree with you about the number of Sprint 4G users being less than Clear users. Clear marketed the service as a DSL/Cable replacement, I don't think Sprint did that. Also more of the Sprint 4G users have cell phones and not home modems. They are not trying to use the connection as their primary internet connection in most cases.



While Sprint & Clear share the infrastructure they are not the same company and do not have the same policies.

When I was on Sprint back in the Fixed Wireless Internet days they did not throttle then either but you were impacted by the number of users on at one time.

If there is throttling now it is not such that it impacts "normal" use (gaming, streaming, browsing, etc).

My connection is shared throughout the house and I have not checked but the drop in speeds could be due to what else is happening.

Suffice it to say that even when I am "throttled"; my speed is at least 3Mbits down.