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Re: If you could add a product, feature or make a change...

said by tim tim tim:

I actually went through some remote class by the UEI company a few months ago. Those are programable buttons, I cant remember how but I think its in the directions that come with it. It should be able to be reprogramed (I think there are 3 other buttons that dont do anything out of the box that can be programed the same way). I think those buttons are called macro buttons

New reply to old msg...

If you go to the URC website, it tells you how to reprogram the macro buttons: (This is how I did it. Programming the F2 button for Science Channel, 141) This worked on a 1056B01....

1> Press CBL
2> Press & hold Setup until CBL button flashes twice
3> Press 9 9 5
4> Press macro button you want to program
5> Type in what you want done (In my case, 1 4 1 OK/Select)
6> Press & hold Setup until CBL button flashes twice


Want to clear it? (I think the buttons stack codes). Do the same thing above, but omit step 5.

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cisco kid

A feature I would like to have; include access for DVR Remote Access into Easy Gadget (to include the ID\Password to be the one for Easy Gadget..not just providing a Link in Easy Gadget that would require yet another ID\Password to access DVR Remote Access)


I posted another topic on this but I would like to see ESPN3 on the Xbox. Other providers offer this service already (such as Comcast) and it would be nice if we had it as well.