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Rosston, TX

SkyBeam bought out ?

said by rmccomack :
It's a sad day to find out that Skybeam (Texas) just bought out Partnership broadband (Texas)!
Don't you mean SkyBeam bought out Prairenet in Springtown, Texas?
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Both SkyBeam and Partnership have been buying up smalls WISPs.


I have gotten nothing but the run around From Skybeam. I call the number but get a phone response which asks if I want someone to call me back. If I select yes then can't get to the phone when they call, I get told to call the same number and I get put back in the queqe. E-mail messages says more than one request may get me put to back of queqe. That's poor customer service and arrogance at its worst.


Trenton, TX
reply to WHT
I get what you are saying, but the letter we got in the mail made it sound lie Skybeam was buying out Partnership. I see now that they have joined together. Either way, every since Skybeam came in the picture, back in March 2011, our service has been bad at least 75% of the time, meaning less than 10% of the speeds we are paying for. The other 25% of the time we might get anywhere between 700 kbps to 4000 kbps, but the average is 1200 kbps. The plan that I am on was 4000kbps download, and before Skybeam became part of the picture, I got that speed about 90% of the time, and the other 10% of the time I got at least 2000 kbps. So my problem started when Skybeam, or who ever they are suppose to be, started tweaking their settings back in the beginning of April. I think the Attorney General needs to look in to these problems, and have the company either provide what they are selling, or refund the customers money when they can't provide the service they are charging for. I have accumulated enough info, and data to get these reports to the right government authorities, but more people need to do the same.


Godley, TX
Yes says so on the web site and on the phone now. So much for them not being weather effected either.


Trenton, TX
reply to rmccomack