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Brick, NJ

How far can the router be from the modem?

So, I've been having some small signal strength issues and I'm wondering if I could move my router without any degradation between the modem and router. Here is how it breaks down...

At the moment my modem and router are in my basement, I also have a first floor and a second floor; the problems have been coming on the second floor. Now, I could just make this simple buy an AP and be done with it. However, I'd rather not spend that money if I don't have too. What I'm wondering is this, I currently have an cat-6 cable running from my router in the basement to my media center PC which is hooked up on the first floor of my house.

I'm wondering if it would cause any problem by moving the router upstairs and just using that cat-6 cable to tie the modem and router together to thus extend the signal better to my second floor. The current cable is a 75 ft cable that is connecting the media center and the modem.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.


Brick, NJ

I didn't notice an edit button and realized I forgot to put that I am using a D-Link DIR-855 paired with a standard Comcast VoIP modem. In the event that could effect the outcome.

Thornhill, ON
reply to Sligoth

any run can be 100m (about 328'), physically less because the twist uses length. I'd go 90m (about 300') of physical wire. So your 75' is fine.


Yorkville, IL
reply to Sligoth

If you want wireless coverage for the whole house (basement to second floor), the rule of thumb would be place the wireless router in the center of the first floor. As others have said, the standard allows 100m of cable between two network devices, which is more than sufficient unless your house is as big as Bill Gate's place.

Nine Zero Burp Nine Six
Toronto, ON
reply to Sligoth

Yes, 100 Ft CaT5e between modem & router would be ideal.
OR, you could purchase a secondary router and set it up as a repeater, for the next floor down.