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Cincinnati Bell DSL has been slow for months

I have been having the same issue. My speed has been steadily decreasing since about November '10. Currently I get about 0.5mbps down during prime-time usage hours; from about 7PM - 1AM, when everyone is home from work/school. I have tested my connection with several different computers, ethernet cables, wired & wireless connections, multiple speed test sites, etc. All show the same 0.5mbps results. 2 techs and numerous phone calls, all of which claim that their tests show me having 5mbps down, which simply isn't true.

I suspect that the slow speeds are because of FiOs being rolled out and Cincinnati bell doesn't have the backbone to support all of their customers, causing random Zoomtown subscribers to be shafted. The timing of the rate slowdowns and FiOs promotions is suspiciously coincidental.

I have been a loyal Cincinnati Bell customer for at least 5 years. Their on-site techs are very nice, but phone support has gone downhill very quickly. Overall I am very VERY disappointed with their service and will be switching to Time Warner.


Same issues. I used to have about 3mbps when i first signed on, but The last year or so I scarcely break 1mbps, and it's very heavily throttled. It will consistently cycle up and down between .1 and 1 Mbps.
Not to mention the 'customer service people' who read their canned responses and are of no help whatsoever.
It took them a year and a half to sort out all the mistakes from my wife and I merging our accounts when we got married (Her mother was getting our bill, we were getting hers, many mistakes in billing, charging too much and for things we didn't use etc.. )
I want very much to switch but the only reason we haven't is my wife and I just don't want to take on the hassle of dealing with Cincinnati Bell again. I hear through many people that have Time Warner, although faster internet, has just as horrible customer service. Plus, we want to have the land line, internet and cell phones through one company, and i just don't see any alternative providers that can do all 3 in one.


ever heard of AT&T? LOL. U-verse is 10000000x better than CincyBell


Cincinnati, OH
reply to MJBeisch
Same issue. To add insult to injury spend at least couple hours a week for the last 2 months (3 hours today) to get to ....636 kbs download today!

A technician is coming tomorrow but I have my doubts .

It looks like the end of the line for Cincinnati Bell clients who do not have access to the fiber optic network : time for cable.


reply to MJBeisch
Well when they test your connection their testing their server, so of course you will have your 5mbps speed. I have the 10mbps service from them and when I download stuff I go around 2mbps when it gets all warmed up. I like it, never have to call for tech support or anything. Had connection for two years now and haven't seen any reductions in speed. Zoomtown working just fine for me!


Cincinnati, OH
Glad it is working fine for you, because my speed is slow, and keeps getting slower day by day. Would love to find an isp in my area. I can't even get my internet to stay connected to watch netflix. Hope your internet continues to work well for you, or you will be in the majority of the ones that are fed up with Cincinnati Bell!