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120 hours without service in the Bakersfield area.

We could be admiring what the drunk did to his sports car. Instead, I'm annoyed at the outage ... and thinking about when DSLX starts to pro-rate the monthly fee for lack of service.

You don't want customers thinking about that. And if it's a bad ethernet cable or card, then AT&T has some serious underachievers tracing the problem.

Please give some feedback. A pic of the negotiations at the armed standoff. Or a shot of the server room after the fire, revealing a terminator endoskeletal hand in the debris.

Heck, even an ETR and pic of AT&T techs working on the donut box ... er, the wiring box.



RE: Any word on the Bakersfield outage?

An ETR would indeed be greatly appreciated, and it would add a great deal of value to the network status page.




The network status page again shows the problem as resolved, exactly at midnight three days after the report was filed. Apparently, trouble notices automatically change to Resolved after a few days.

I've sent an email to tech support, reporting the internet still down.

For reference, service in this area stopped without warning on Friday, Apr 15 at approximately 10:15 AM PST. It has not been resolved at any point since.

Suggestion: stop the auto-resolution of trouble notices. Let them stay up until someone cancels them manually. The page has now lied to us twice.