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What sort of agreement is this?

Hello everyone!

A crazy situation:

When I try to tracroute from my Europen VPS to my Indian server, I see as6453 in route (ASN 6453 is of Tata Communications) but if we observe real ASN of all IP's in middle, I see ASN 18895 which is of Nustream Communications.

Have a look at this

5 ae-4-4.ebr1.Frankfurt1.Level3.net ( [AS3356] 6.713 ms 6.923 ms 6.916 ms
6 ae-71-71.csw2.Frankfurt1.Level3.net ( [AS3356] 18.441 ms ae-91-91.csw4.Frankfurt1.Level3.net ( [AS3356] 15.512 ms ae-71-71.csw2.Frankfurt1.Level3.net ( [AS3356] 19.739 ms
7 ae-2-79.edge4.Frankfurt1.Level3.net ( [AS3356] 7.582 ms ae-4-99.edge4.Frankfurt1.Level3.net ( [AS3356] 7.323 ms 7.302 ms
8 ix-2-3-0-0.tcore1.FR0-Frankfurt.as6453.net ( [AS6453] 7.052 ms 7.048 ms ( [AS3356] 15.523 ms
9 if-3-21.tcore1.NYY-NewYork.as6453.net ( [AS7633] 98.767 ms 98.751 ms 98.745 ms
10 if-4-0-0-28.mcore4.NYY-NewYork.as6453.net ( [AS18895] 98.718 ms if-15-0-0-20.mcore4.NYY-NewYork.as6453.net ( [AS18895] 98.709 ms if-4-0-0-28.mcore4.NYY-NewYork.as6453.net ( [AS18895] 98.665 ms
11 ix-6-2.mcore4.NYY-NewYork.as6453.net ( [AS18895] 205.117 ms 205.082 ms 204.957 ms
12 ( [AS9829] 205.145 ms 205.220 ms 205.211 ms
13 ( [AS9829] 248.153 ms 248.162 ms 248.146 ms

I don't understand when in real those ASN's belong to other players, why IP reverse of these nodes have as6453? Any idea what sort of agreements these players have?

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Austin, TX
reply to anuragbhatia

Re: What sort of agreement is this?

I know this is necroposting, but...

Your traceroute app is probably wrongly identifying ASNs in the middle there.


reply to anuragbhatia
I guess you are right.

I checked those IP's and seems like all belong to AS6453. So most likely it was due to minor glitch in traceroute.

Thanks for help.