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Los Angeles, CA
reply to LucasLee

Re: why not

said by LucasLee:

that's 2-3 times TERRESTRIAL broadband rates, that don't provide service to their location.

But isn't that exactly what the USF is pushing for? Providing equivalent service (price, performance, and availability) for those that live in currently non-serviced areas?

said by LucasLee:

satellite internet costs are higher than terrestrial broadband. this is a fact. sending 1gb over a space link costs more than sending 1gb over a dslam. this IS rocket science.

Nobody's saying that. They're free to gouge their customers as they see fit. They just don't qualify at all for the terms that the USF is written up to provide for.

said by LucasLee:

if you can't see that, then perhaps the service isn't for you, but it is certainly for acceptable for a lot of people.

I have yet to see any satellite customer that's really happy with their service. Everyone I've met on WildBlue or HugesNet give the same story: "It's better than dial-up, but as soon as (insert DSL or cable provider name here) gets service to us, they are so f***ing gone." Satellite internet seems about as "acceptable" as paying taxes - they *need* the service, but there's just no other alternative.