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This is a sub-selection from This might be an opportunity


Sugar Land, TX
reply to FFH

Re: This might be an opportunity

said by FFH:

said by coldmoon:

The ruling said that the companies COULD force arbitration but said nothing about companies all having to USE or FORCE arbitration approaches...

Something to think about at least...

Good point. And just a couple of comments.

The reason most arbitrations result in the consumer losing is because most of the time their claim is frivolous and/or can't be proven because the consumer didn't document any communications with the company. Arbitration is not inherently antagonistic to the consumer or stacked against them. They just don't prepare their complaint properly.

A good result of this may be the bankruptcy of many of the ambulance chasing law firms out there that sue, not because of any merits to their filed cases, but because many companies found it cheaper to settle than spend years in court paying for expensive law firms. It is only a benefit to society if these firms go belly up.

Bullcrap. The reason most consumers lose in arbitration is because the arbitrators are on the half hidden payroll of the companies they "arbitrate".