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Did anyone know about anonymous call blocking with TeleBlend

I am sure this is probably not a revelation to folks that use TeleBlend. But I recently signed up switched my service from dreaded Comcast. One of the best features IMO is that I can click on a caller in my Portal and block calls from them. That easy. Almost gives me a control complex, which I don't need in addition to what I already have, but wow. I can click on someone's number and whoosh, I never have to hear from them again. Not exactly like the double rainbow level of ecstasy, but just thought I would share. Thanks TeleBlend!


New York, NY
Thanks for the tip! I have been thinking about signing up and will definitely factor this feature into my decision.


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I just signed up for Telebend and the call blocking is a feature I need. Was hesitant to sign up with them as they seem like a small company. I hope the call quality is very good.

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Boca Raton, FL
·CIKTEL Telecom
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said by leggo2:

I am sure this is probably not a revelation to folks that use TeleBlend....

News Flash --- Just about every single one of the popular, reasonbly priced VoIP providers offers Selective Call Blocking (aka Black Listing): CallCentric, Voip.ms, VOIPo, PhonePower, ViaTalk, Future-Nine (coming soon), etc.

This feature allows one to block incoming calls, using optional wild cards to block a specific number, a block of numbers, a specific exchange, an entire area code ... for both Toll Free and non-Toll Free numbers.

For example,
• 212-555-1234 blocks only that number.
• 401-555-1xxx blocks all 401-555 numbers in the 1000 to 1999 range.
• 317-555-xxxx blocks all numbers in the 317-555 exchange.
• 401-xxx-xxxx blocks all 401 area code numbers.

And if one is a relatively low monthly volume (minutes) user, some of the above mentioned providers are much less expensive and provide many more features than the provider mentioned in this thread's title ... not to mention other factors such as Call Quality, Reliability and Tech Support. Hmmm! TB seems to be absent from the »/gbu listings.

Portsmouth, NH
Sorry, but Telebland only offers random blocking on incoming and out going calls.

Tim Cashman

Carlsbad, CA
reply to leggo2
There are many VoIP services that offer the anonymous call blocking or rejection like Axvoice or Vonage. There is nothing new or special about it but it is classified among the advanced features at this point in time.