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from the Dark Side
Coatesville, PA

Magic jack and WiFi

I use a laptop with my magic jack, and I'm having trouble with choppy audio on my WiFi connection (Tengo Internet). It's the only internet provider I have. Tengo claims that although VOIP works with WiFi, results can be poor, since WiFi doesn't allow VOIP thru QoS priortization. Since I don't use a router, is there any workaround to this? I have my dongle plugged in directly to usb, no short cord. I have adjusted magicjack.exe's base priority in task manager to high (and realtime), only 39 processess running, and no other "high" priorities except the 3 or 4 windows functions. In device mngr, I unchecked the usb hub power settings so windows won't turn them off (I'm always plugged in to AC, so power saving is not an issue). I was going to get a powered usb hub, but when I saw the VOIP over WiFi and QoS issue, I assumed usb power wasn't my problem. Is there a setting I can use to prioritize VOIP traffic thru WiFi?


You should test your connection before you do anything else.
That test will tell you if your connection can handle a VOIP conversation.

from the Dark Side
Coatesville, PA
Test results:
dl speed: 3.82 Mbps
ul speed 361 kbps
Cos- 98%
According to the testers, these values should be enough for hi qual voip service, but they could not perform voip simulation, and were unable to measure jitter or packet loss.

This quote is from Tengo's FAQ: "Today’s Wi-Fi equipment does not provide for prioritization of VOIP traffic, so TengoInternet does not currently support VOIP services. You may try the service, but your results will likely be unsatisfactory..."

I guess that pretty much answers my question, but I'd like to know if there is some kind of work-a-round.

As I mentioned in original post, Everybody hears me fine. Their conversation is choppy, garbled, and unitelligible, whether they call from cell phones, land lines, or their own magic jacks.


Sioux City, IA
reply to darbea
Sounds like there are other people downloading files or watching streaming video like Netflix or something. Since you have no control over the WiFi router there isn't much you can do. I don't think their statement about "WiFi doesn't allow VOIP thru QoS priortization" is accurate or correct, its just that you have no access to set up QoS on their WiFi routers as you would need admin access to the router. Without being able to configure the router there really isn't much more you can do.