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Bandwidth Cap for 50mb/5mb service?

Anyone know the official bandwidth cap for the 50mb/5mb service wave is offering? We recently received a flyer about this service in the mail so I called to find out more information. When I asked about the cap the representative said its 250gb. I said surely that is not correct since I have the 18mb/2mb service and that cap is at 300gb. She later came back after asking someone else saying the cap for the 50mb service is also 300gb. What a joke, at 50mb the cap will be reached in about 13hours of downloading at full speed. I still think the representative did not have the correct information. Anyone here have this service care to chime in or maybe a wave broadband representative?


it's 300gb


FYI: the price is $125/mo. very expensive IMO compared to comcast's service.


Thanks for the reply.

300gb on a 50mbps connection would be completely gone in under 14hours at full speed.

What a joke, who the hell would pay so much for a gimped connection? It's like if Wave was selling a 200mph sports car that could only travel 10miles a month, what the heck is the point? Get your head out of your *** Wave!

Port Orchard, WA
said by WaveUser :

300gb on a 50mbps connection would be completely gone in under 14hours at full speed.

This same kind of nonsensical comment plagues the front page here all the time.

It's not often about how much you want to download but rather how fast you want it to get there.

Take your sports car analogy and transfer it a bit... Put it on the racetrack.

I don't download 300GB in a month.

		Incoming		Outgoing
Jan 2011 18356MB 1562MB
Feb 2011 19606MB 1283MB
Mar 2011 54664MB 2599MB
Apr 2011 63928MB 2700MB
May 2011* 10489MB 555MB

*As of 5/14/2011

I haven't cared about caps. I HAVE cared about how fast that Server 2008 R2 trial ISO downloaded, though.

Am I in the market for 50Mb/s? Nope!

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