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This is a sub-selection from HB 129


Greensboro, NC

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reply to netposer

Re: HB 129

They are no angels thats for sure. And a TV station thats already suffering from an expensive digital upgrade two years ago plus tight budgets on withering advertising revenue is not likely to air something that would anger TWC. They cannot afford to lose the advertising revenue. And yet this issue is more important than the advertising revenue.

Also, your statement is false. There are many conservatives in the media especially in the south. And for instance, WGHP which is the local Fox affiliate and OWNED by fox as a corporate station hasn't aired anything about this bill either.

Both parties are corrupt. Your statements are false. "liberal media" is just a canned phrase parroted from a radio program. Also if you look in most editorial columns in newspapers (at least around here) you will see comments from both conservative and liberal editors.

"liberal media" is nothing but an excuse to have a press that bends to reporting only the way a right wing fanatic decides it should be. But if the media reports both sides then they are "liberal". BS.


Greensboro, NC
Another thought about local media is that they are dependent on TWC to carry their programming in the first place. It is in a TV station's interest to maintain the status quo if it keeps them on the air in a local market's cable system. And unfortunately, TWC rules the day on that. One of the problem is that they have an almost monopoly status at least on the internet. Dish and DirecTV are barely enough competition on the TV side.