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Murphy, NC

DSL outages in Western NC

I am experiencing outages for my Frontier DSL 1 meg plan. Prior to yesterday my internet connection was down from Sat April 30th for 8 days.

After making phone calls to Tech service, and the NC Attorney General office for consumer complaints, I was finally switched to another circuit. This gave me instant internet connection but the very next day (Tues May 3rd) it is down again. I contacted Frontier tech support they indicated from their trouble reporting info that there was some kind of problem in the Sylva NC area. I assumed from their description it was fiber related.

My internet is now back to working but who knows for how long or at what speeds?

Is this where they are adding additonal fiber, temporary hookup till the current ongoing connection issues or resolved, and while upgraded equipment is put in place?

From previous tech calls during my 8 day outage I was told there were up to 13,000 customers affected. Last night I was told the most current problem affected 18,000 customers.

Is Frontier in the process of upgrading their equipment in this area to address these problems (I was told at one time by May 19th)? I have heard some different things why this is happening.

1 When they purchased the Verizon lineline business in NC they inherited circuits and lines that were already overloaded / over sold.

2. When they purchased the Verizon lineline business in NC they oversold the capabilities or offered speed upgrades that the lines/equipment could not reliably support.

What's the real scoop on the current and ongoing situation here in Western NC? Whats a reasonable and fair expectation, all things considered?




I would be very curious to see what you are able to find out. I'm in Mitchell County NC (a pretty good ways from Murphy) and I too have been having frequent problems with my Frontier DSL service.

DSL was out from 12 noon until 9pm yesterday. I called frontier twice (45 minutes on hold each time) and was told it was a major outage affecting most of Western NC.

I told the representative how spotty my service has been since frontier took over from Verizon and he said that they were doing upgrades that should resolve a lot of the issues, but he couldn't elaborate on what those upgrades were or when they would be complete.


reply to riverrat56
I have had crappy service since last fall with verizon/frontier. I demanded a credit for the service due to paying for 3M and getting only dial up speed. Now the service is down since 5/3/11 at about 6:pm. As soon as the fiber optic line is installed at the house I am gone from Frontier.


Franklin, NC
reply to riverrat56
The Outage was 11-12 hours long and appeared to be an issue a cut fiber line/trunk. Apparently Frontier felt my modem was the cause and mailed me a new one lol.

reply to riverrat56
I'm having a very similar problem with Frontier. Our Internet went out on April 30 and has remained out. I have contacted frontier daily, each time having to start from scratch explaining the problem. They have told me 10 different reasons why our internet is out. I have yet to speak with anyone who has any idea of what to do to fix it. If we had any other options for getting connected I would ditch frontier in a second.