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Columbus, OH
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Re: Payment

If you want to get technical about it, unless your residence is your primary workplace (defined as greater than 50% working time is based from there), you're not abusing the TOS/AUP.

By your definition, if I log into my work's webmail server from home and send 1 work related email EVER, I have to pay for business class interenet for eternity. Not how it works...


Cleveland, OH
That's not what i said. And you're putting words in my mouth. And that's not what the TOS/AUP state. It says if money is MADE from the service or you are WORKING and making a PROFIT you must have WOW! Business Services. Checking work webmail does NOT apply to @work and i NEVER said that at all. Stop putting words in people's mouth that were never said nor implied.


Wheaton, IL
said by hottboiinnc:

It says if money is MADE from the service or you are WORKING and making a PROFIT you must have WOW! Business Services.

Well, that sentence is vague, because checking email or occasionally remoting to work can constitute to making money, because it lets me stay employed, therefore it makes me money. Of course that's not how I would interpret it, but the choice of words you used was unclear.

I am not self employed. I do not run servers on my WOW connection. I work for a company and I do not typically work from home.. Occasionally I do have to remote to my work computer from home to check email or to launch some process because it's easier to do from home than to come in to work at 9pm or on a weekend. Very occasionally, couple of times a year I will have to work from home because I feel sick enough not to come in to work, but not sick enough not to work (or because there is something pressing that needs to be done). I would not say that this justifies business connection, it's the same way millions of people use internet to increase their productivity.

And it is frustrating seeing how unreliable connection has become. Occasionally it will go out for half an hour, occasionally there will be 10 minutes with 25-75% ping loss. You can point me to TOS which says the service is best effort, and I will grudgingly agree with you. However, this is a review forum, and I am reviewing WOW so that others can make a decision when looking for a new service.
This is a sub-selection from Payment