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Why is this bill being pushed forward ?

Perhaps you don't understand the issue here. It's not about TV stations trying not to upset TWC Cable, it's a much bigger issue. TWC , that has a legitimate regulated CATV franchise agreement in many NC communities, does not want competition from a non-regulated public entity that can subsidize their operations with tax revenues. This is a fine example of public revenue being used to compete with a private enterprise.

TWC has a LEGITIMATE complaint . They reached out to their congressman and got a bill written to protect their business interests. That makes good sense ( for them).

The current Democratic administration in DC , and the FCC, seem to think that business is evil, and all US residents should be "entitled" to get free bandwidth ( for Netflix movie delivery) , or broadband subsidized service . That's an interesting point of view but NOTHING IS FREE !
If TWC cable provides service they charge a fee that is related to their costs. If a NC Community builds a FTTH system to provide broadband service they will have a similar ( or probably higher) cost to deliver that service. It will then either be billed directly to the subscribers, or subsidized with some type of tax revenues.

What do you want to do...decide between TWC, Satellite TV, and other IP Streaming video sources based on your costs and service preference, or Pay Higher Taxes every year that your local politicians can then spread between schools, roads, pet projects, and broadband service per their current whims ?