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HB 129 and Individual Choice Options

Many of you recent posters seem to think that TWC CATV is evil and in the pocket of the evil politicians. Consider this...

Option 1 - TWC gets this bill passed to ban NC Communities from building tax subsidized FTTH Broadband systems. Individuals then have the choice to subscribe and pay for TWC services. You can also consider Sat TV and OTT IP Video from other sources if you feel the need to get video in a home instead of on a handheld mobile device or notebook computer with a wireless interface.

Option 2 - No Bill is passed. NC Communities can then build FTTH systems IF they get approval from their community members . But once a systems is built , and it proves to be unable to cover it's construction loans, the NC Community must either shut down service ( with associated costs) or raise tax revenues. I'm sure that will happen without a true disclosure of the costs that are attributed to the broadband system. So , you then have the choice to subscribe to their service. BUT, do you have the choice NOT to Pay Your taxes ?

Why are the evil ones trying to give you the choice not to pay for service that you don't want, when the good guys are trying to make sure that the government can provide "entitled services" without regard to cost efficiency ?

Educated individuals consider both sides of an issue before spouting inflammatory opinions then voting blindly for one side or another on ALL topics.
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