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ISDN Acting up :/

So Ive had ISDN for around 4-5 years now and I consider it to be my life saver when I couldnt play games. It would ping around 100ms and do great and has always did great until about 2 weeks ago. I went from Low 100 pings to 300+ constantly. Im not sure what to do? Should I contact the Telco or the ISP? Which one would be at fault? I have ti ran through a wireless router and have made sure no one else is connected using the internet. Any ideas or thoughts on who I should contact? Thanks


Vanleer, TN
try MSN's dialup free trial and dial in with your ISDN modem and see if you have the same issues as far as ping times, that will tell you whether its the ISP or the telco , each one will blame the other if you don't have the answer first , so try that get the answer and then call the ISP and telco and then watch them blame one another , then tell them you tried a different ISP and see what happens, next they ll blame you equipment

Leander, TX
reply to Twoods1967
You need to run some tests to see where the slowdowm is. Run pingplotter for 24 hours and examine the results to identify your problem better.