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Brent 4545


[DISH] Dish network switch problem or they say electrical feedba

Having a really strange problem with a customer's install. I am their electrician.

They have an outbuilding with a standard receiver in it. It runs from the far side of the house, at the eave, ungrounded satellite dish, through attic, through switching, underground, through ceiling of outbuilding to receiver. I would say appx. 180 feet total cable run.

Here is what happened. They had been using a small 13 inch television -working fine for months then, installed a 40 inch HD. When they tryed switching from the local channels to higher channels the unit goes crazy and loses the info on guide and reboots (I think). Sometimes says bad switch, but the test says switch ok. Dish technician was there over 7 hours yesterday. He replaces the receiver with a new one. Same problem. He finally says there is some kind of 'feedback' through electrical system from the house. Using a 3 wire grounding adapter to disconnect the receiver's grounding wire from the electrical system seems to help it, but sometimes a few of the higher channels are missing still. This even happened when running directly off of house wiring via extension cord. Outbuilding is not wired with a 4 wire system, only three wire, therefore the grounding and grounded wires are connected in the subpanel.

Is it possible there is some magnetic coupling somewhere happening? Also his wire from satellite to receiver passes near some troffer fluorescents in the outbuilding near the receiver. Or is one of the 2 bank of switches bad? I think they have 7 or 8 tv's on seperate feeds.

Hope some of you have run across this before. I am going to repair their subpanel correctly for safety, but it is doubtful this is the problem. OH! They also tryed running a new line from the switch to the receiver, bypassing the installed cable run, so that kinda rules out the lighting magnetics. It still was acting strange with the temporary cable run.

I think the customer said both switches had to be replaced at same time. We kinda think they either did not have the switches with them or just did not want to replace them for some reason...?

Thank you all!!!!



Re: [DISH] Dish network switch problem or they say electrical fe

When I installed for dish I only ran into this issue once and it never got figured out. So the next best thing we did was put a dish up on the outside guest house and that cured the issued.


Thanks for the info. I know these intermittent problems can be nightmares. Once made four trips to diagnose doorbell problem. Customer was AM radio listener. When they arrived home in evenings to listen the radio would have a pulse static on it. I was checking it in the morning and could never hear it. Met the electric co-op guy in the afternoon and heard it then. Winds up, the insulation on a doorbell wire had been stepped on in attic several times through the decades. It only shorted out in the late afternoons after the attic got 'real' hot here in Texas. Low voltage is a beating! Thanks again.


I know what you mean. Between installing for Dish or AT&T some really crazy things happen that you cannot explain. I'm no E^E but when it comes to electricity some things happen that the even the most experienced guys cant figure it out. Any time we had a split install between two buildings we went with a two dish install. It was easier and created less problems down the road. Hopefully you can convince the owner to either buy the dish and have a tech install it or convince the tech to install a new dish at the separate location.

Mcgaheysville, VA
reply to Brent 4545
180 feet is at the max for a run, any and I mean any breaks in the 180 foot run is gonna cause problems. Dish must also be grounded, the RG6 coming from the dish should have a ground wire on it


The 180ft length is underkill. I've ran 300ft lengths of rg-6 WITH HD and never ran into an issue. The key here is to make sure a powered receiver is already inside the home so the SD rxr doesn't have to power 180ft worth of cable to power the LNBF.


Thanks so much again, guys. Knew I was in the right place for an answer. Will take all this into consideration...

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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reply to treeman
said by treeman:

180 feet is at the max for a run, any and I mean any breaks in the 180 foot run is gonna cause problems. Dish must also be grounded, the RG6 coming from the dish should have a ground wire on it

The ground is questionable... but for safety issues. The channels on higher freq at distance could certainly be an issue and not the lower ones, maybe temp variable as well

Standard distance quote is 100 ft. they are near doubling that. Maybe working in good conditions but not bad.
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Thanks some more. Hayward in Key West, I would do a few installs for a vacation over there!


Well, got the electrical service feed transferred from the house to the barn electrical service. 4 wire 240 volt system now. For now it is working properly...$700 later. Will post back if anything changes for worse. Thanks for all your reponses!