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[netopia] Netopia R7100 Back to back

I have to extend my internet and LAN temporarily into another building and I had 2 Netopia r7100's laying around. I have set them up according to instructions found here »Netopia R7100 Back to back but I don't have internet at my remote location. Router 1 can ping my DSL modem and router 2 but router 2 can only ping router 1

Thanks for your help



Phoenix, AZ
reply to wooden5cents
These are apparently not very popular routers.

I also have a back-to-back question about R7100-C SDSL modem/routers. I've been successful in connecting them together in as much as each modem can see the other and from each network I can telnet to both modems, but that's as far as it works. As far as I can tell, traffic doesn't actually seem to route all the was through the pair to the other network. I've tried both with various combinations of NAT on and off, and with setting up "public" address ranges that should have been routed normally. But no dice: From either side, I can always see both modems, but not the other network segment.

Anyone have any ideas what I doing wrong or have missed?


Santa Clara, CA
said by aliensplicer:

Anyone have any ideas what I doing wrong or have missed?

default route/gateway.
post a traceroute.