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Salt Lake City, UT
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Re: Just dumped Qwest.

I'm going down the path back to comcast (not happy about either). I am getting way to may page not loading issues just is acting slow as hell and I I telecommute so this just inst working anymore for me.

I started to notice this last week. I'm on ADSL+ line.

Note when I was in AZ and had VDSL it was great! If they brought VDSL to my side of the mountain I would signup again but I can't work with this ADSL line any longer.


Thief River Falls, MN
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said by snobest :

said by sanitarium09:

When the cable tech came by, we got to talking about Qwest. He said that Qwest had one person doing all of the service work for about a 60 mile radius.

The best place to get true information about a company is their compitition, right? I am sure they are unbiased and truthfull, even though they ae direct competitors.

I figured someone would bring that up. *sigh* Fact is that in this area, Qwest's customer service really is that bad. It's no secret. What he said more or less reaffirmed what I already knew as confirmed by friends in the area that also have/had Qwest DSL.

Steve B
Seattle, WA
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Well, I thought I would also post a screenshot of my speedtest. I'm on the 40/20 plan. I'm just over 1100 ft away from the terminal. Its nice having these speeds. However, it should be noted that I wouldn't suggest paying regular price for anything above 40/5 because I've noticed a lot of places can't handle 20Mbps up. Lol. I'm paying $49.99 for two years so I took the highest speed they sold.

As for their customer service. Its ok but, it needs A LOT OF WORK. The two problems I notice are that a lot of reps are ill-trained and the company seems to lack any serious internal communication..i.e. getting a different answer each time you got a different rep. Those need to be worked on. Also, any issue I had in the past (everything is ok right now) turned into a multiple call, hours long marathon. Its a real shame.

Coming soon to a cup near you..

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reply to sanitarium09

Here's my test on PFL 7/896 using a local ISP. (Webband/Tierpoint)

Modem/Router used is the venerable old 2Wire 2700HG-D using the older 4.25.37-QT02 firmware so I can use the MDC features.

Check out the transfer stats...

Having a local ISP with the people, resources and physical plant of a regional datacenter/carrier is great. I never have to call Qwest at all. I've been with Webband since 53k was fast and Icehouse had a BBS...

I also live in a dilapidated old apt. building built in 1898 and use a 50' phone cable extension to reach my room as there's only one jack. I refuse to use wi-fi...Cat5 all the way baby!

Works for me.


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Salt Lake City, UT

No wireless for anything that I have to enter a username and password. I'm just that dumb/paranoid about it. Landline and Cat6. For regular browsing, I'm fine with wireless, however.

I noticed a Sandy user up the thread, he's getting speeds I can only dream about. I'm up in Taylorsville and they haven't rehabbed this plant yet, so 1.5/640 for me on good days.