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Raleigh, NC

[DIRECTV] Need help untangling DirecTV/Cable connection

Hey folks. I just bought a new house and the previous owners had Directv. I want to disconnect the dish which is hooked into the cable box and want to make sure I do it the right way. Plus, I don't want the cable guy to get there and go "I can't do anything until the dish is undone".

Anyway, below are three pictures of the setup. The cable to the satellite dish comes in from the right. It looks like the green wire is the ground for the satellite, and they connected the Directv to be able to get to one or more of the rooms in the house (all rooms are wired).

And here is a view of how the ground is connected (green wire):

I'm thinking I disconnect the satellite dish connection where it goes into the house, and then disconnect the green ground wire. The satellite will be on the roof for another week or two until I can get a ladder tall enough. What do you guys and gals think?

I Am Legend
South Elgin, IL
Leave the ground wire until your ready to removed the Dish. Don't want it to get zapped if you have some bad weather in the next few weeks. Just unplug the cables from the splitter. I am sure the cable installer will use their own.
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Evanston, WY
reply to netbrad
The thickest wire is the RG-11 feed from the cable company; that is barreled into a small RG-6 jumper, then into the gold colored ground block, then into the 2-way split... off that splitter is either the Modem for Cable internet or the eMTA if the cable company provides phone service in your area (the line with the blue tag)... the other ground block (silver in color) is your DirecTV ground block; one side goes to the dish and the other goes into the house. All the un-hooked wires are the lines feeding the outlets in your house (assuming they are direct runs to the house box and not split off elsewhere)

You could disconnect the dish line if you are going to remove the dish but let the cable installer take the ground off (he may just use it)... He shouldn't give ANY issue with the DTV line still hooked up though, especially since it's on it's own ground block and ground!
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reply to netbrad
No cable technician should have a problem with that, it is done just about every day. You dont have to mess with it at all really.

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Key West, FL
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Are you kidding? Cable is so grateful to get anyone back from SAT these days as my twice weekly COMCRAP direct mail ads prove after ditching them 12 years ago.

They probably rewire the whole place.
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