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This is a sub-selection from That can't be Cricket Broadband.


Apache Junction, AZ
reply to Duramax08

Re: That can't be Cricket Broadband.

Yes, I tried an external antenna but it doesn't help any because all the wireless companies have their antennas within a mile of my house and I already get strong signals of 4-5 bars from them just by placing the USB device in the window. The roof antenna does increase the signal a little bit but doesn't change the slow speed any. The problem isn't a weak signal it's because they have over sold and overloaded their networks to the point that it doesn't work at all anymore. The same thing happened with Virgin Mobile, it worked pretty good when I tried it in November but by the end of Dec. it had slowed to 56k dial up speeds and was useless. If you are still getting decent speeds it's because there aren't many users signed up in your area yet but that will probably change. Like somebody else said here, the same thing always happens, first they start a new "high speed" service with "unlimited" data, everyone jumps on it and slows it down when it gets overloaded, then they put caps on it and raise the price and abandon everyone who bought into the service with useless wireless adapters they can't use, then move on to another city and do the same thing all over again. The owners and CEOs of all these crooked companies should be thrown in jail for consumer fraud and theft and it would help to solve some of the problems.
This is a sub-selection from That can't be Cricket Broadband.