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Re: Switching to Earthlink a good idea?

okay. So i called Time Warner. They told me the cost is 49.95/month instead of 44.95 b/c that is the standard price since January 2011.

I asked about the Earthlink and they told me because i am a current road runner customer, even if i switch to earthlink... i would get charged the 49.95 fee as oppose to the 29.95/month for 1st 6 months and then 41.95 fee after that. They said this is a phone department and they don't offer those deals.

I then asked if i called Earthlink, are they going to say the same thing? They said they are not sure. I spoke to Earthlink online support and they said yes i can get it for the 29.95/month plan for 6 months and 41.95 after and i could just make the switch right now.

However, they told me that after i do this, then a technician will call me in 3 days to make a day where they could come over and install it. What i got confused here was people mentioned that they use same equipment and everything is the same. Only difference is no road runner boost and email accounts.

But I said, since i have the cable box from road runner, why would i need a technician to come over? They said installation and cable box was free and i told them i thought i could use the same one. They said a technician has to come to your home to do the switch at your place. Can someone explain how they do this switch? I thought it was going to be real easy where i didn't even need to meet a technician and they were just going to switch the internet like that..

Can someone explain some of this? I'm going to call them back tomorrow. So after 6 months when i change back to road runner, then the road runner technician will have to come to my home? So if i take the cable box from earthlink, that means i have to return the return back to road runner right? But if i keep my current modem, i don't have to return it?

Raleigh, NC
There's no requirement to send anyone out. They can switch you at the push of a button (literally.) If they want to send someone out to change the modem, go right ahead. Sounds like that might just be an artifact of the Earthlink/TWC system.

You seem to be going to a great deal of work to save less than $20 a month, for six months. But after 6 months, I wouldn't jump ship. I've been an Earthlink(TWC) customer for many years. My bill has never changed. RR customers have seen the bill go up many times.


Austin, TX
So does this mean that after a year with TWC/RR I can switch to Earthlink to get their $42 "fixed" rate?