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Earthlink Cable Internet Not Stable

Hey guys. I had Road Runner for the last 13 months or so and switched today to Earthlink Cable because of the cheaper price. I was told that its the same thing as Road Runner except no boost and none of those email accounts which is fine.

However, my internet has been very unstable tonight. I live in new york city. Many times, my internet would not work. Go on or any site, it would just show the error page. Other times it would work but then not work 1 minute later. I was told by members here that if Road Runner works great for you, same should be Earthlink Cable.

I tried to unplug and plug in my modem a few times already and i still have this constant problem. Anyone here have Earthlink Cable where the internet is very unstable? The thing is in my 13 months with Road Runner, this happened at most 2 times i recalled but it usually never is unstable for more than 10 minutes max.

Is there a reason why my earthlink cable is acting like this? It's definitely a bit slower as when i went to which is fine but i'm very upset that when i open firefox, it doesn't load anything and show an error page.

Does anyone know why i'm having this problem? This is very frustrating.


I work for EarthLink in Atlanta. If you would send me an email with your name, address and phone number, I would be happy to try and escalate the isue for you so we can try and find a resolution to the issue.

My email address is