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Displaced Ohioan
Denver, CO

Anyone have any luck getting a lower price?

My two year price reduction rate ended, and I am paying full price now for cable and standard (8mbit) internet. I don't like paying full price. Unfortunately, in the past, when I have called to get a lower price and threatened to cancel service, they call my bluff because they know they have a virtual monopoly.

I won't go to Qwest because 1.5mbit is the fastest I can get at my house.
I won't go Dish or DirectTV because I am not a fan of the technology.

Obviously, I am going to stick with bresnan regardless of the price, I am just curious if anyone has any tricks to get a lower monthly bill.
What smells like blue?

Powell, WY
When I made the cutover from Bresnan to Optimum this morning I got an $11/mo discount for 12 months just for would go from 8/384 to 15/2 just by doing that. Probably worth it.