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Cincinnati Bell IPTV

tried to reply to the other post, but it's been a month...

A telco box recently went in down the street from me in Fairfield. It has an attached Duke Energy power meter with the address '3691A Mack Rd' printed on it. (ie it is powered box)

Was driving by one day and saw a CBT tech working there; asked what it was and he said Fioptics -- but it obviously is not a FTTH setup.

Did some research, and it seems CBT is in the process of installing remote DSLAMs in order to offer IPTV and enhanced xDSL services (like ATT U-verse?)

ref: »phx.corporate-ir.net/External.Fi ··· PTI=&t=1
Above is a Mar 2011 CBT Investors presentation. Pages 25 & 26 mention

"Entertainment, high-speed Internet and voice via fiber to the home and IPTV"
"Fioptics 2011 capital spend of $40 million; will reach 70,000 more homes
• Construction includes DSL upgrade for bandwidth to allow IPTV product under Fioptics brand name"




The day after I posted the above my DSL service went down...
then came back up with some AWESOME signal levels. Walked
down the street and sure enough a couple techs were working
at the box; said they were moving ~150 DSL users over.

Took CBT a day or so to shake everything out, but I now
have the full 5M service with the following signal levels:
Transceiver Information   Downstream Path    Upstream Path
DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec)     5051               764
Margin (dB)               31.0               13.0
Line Attenuation (dB)     10.0               5.5
Transmit Power (dBm)      10.9               9.7


I called CBT customer service...

Given the new hardware, I can upgrade to 10Mb service for $5/mo more,
but I will have to give up my (now grandfathered) 'Priced for Life' guarantee.


Cincinnati, OH
Do it. The speed increase will be worth it. I don't see the pricing going up in any significant way anytime in the near future where the "Priced For Life" would be something worth keeping over doubling your speed.

Glad to see they're rolling out more FTTN (fiber to the node) so DSL customers receive faster and more reliable service. CBT has really been aggressive with fiber as of late.
Photos By Greg Strong