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This is a sub-selection from U-Verse Net

Joliet, IL
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Re: U-Verse Net

I know but I do not stream Netflix anymore, hardly use YouTube. I keep the 24/3 because I host games on Xbox Live on COD, etc. and I want the highest upload for that reason. I have had all of AT&T's speed packages and this one fits the bill. Comcast is my only other choice and their 20/2 costs more here than AT&T's 24/3. Upload is all I need. I wish they made all their speed tiers with 3mbps upload.
Plus with the wife and her laptop, kid with I-pod, and I know someday he will want to play on LIVE so I am all good on speed. I know we will never exceed 250GB but I still think the caps are dumb.
This is a sub-selection from U-Verse Net