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Lake Hopatcong, NJ
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Re: Welcome former Bresnan now Optimum West customers

I don't agree with CV's annual price hikes on TV but sadly it's how most cable companies operate. Atleast they're not hiking internet prices.

I Void Warranties

Billings, MT
Word has it that CV might be looking for a buyer. God I hope not since we just got taken over by CV here.

I kinda wish they'd left things alone at the call center here, though. I have heard that it's been hell with all the policy changes.

As for the Cable, we are strictly Internet and Phone. We haven't really found a use for CATV lately due to all the excessive crap on.
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Stamford, CT
reply to kickass69
From today's earnings call.

Jim Dolan: I'd like to address the recent press reports about our Optimum West business. As we have stated previously, we are confident in the prospects for growth at Optimum West and we are pleased with our progress to date. In recent weeks, a number of parties expressed their unsolicited interest in possibly acquiring Optimum West. While it's not been our intention to divest this valuable asset, based on the approaches that we received, we have decided to explore a potential transaction.

»seekingalpha.com/article/983341- ··· t?page=2