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·Time Warner Cable
reply to FFH5

Re: need to interview more people for these

I agree with your analysis on this.

To me - the best customer service - is the one that you don't have to use.

In VZW's defence (haven't used them in 10 years due to customer service + coverage), if their service is works - there's not much to complain about other than cost.

AT&T on the other hand, has had years of messed up service due to integration (AT&T + Cinguar), technology change (TDMA -> GSM -> WCDMA) and issues with the most popular device (iPhone), and their ability to manage it.

Sprint went through the same thing as AT&T to an extent - CDMA + iDEN was ripe for mass defections due to CS handling of it. It appears to have improved (I use Sprint for work - but rarely call CS) - and have as many issues with them as I do with AT&T - if not more.