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MegaPath Dan

Saint John, NB
reply to GRiDLoCK74

Re: Worst Customer Service - Stay Away From Speakwasy


Very sorry for your unfortunate experience with Speakeasy, a MegaPath brand. If we can do anything to assure you keep our service, please give us a quick call at 800-556-5829 and speak with our sales department or email our support team @ Support@MegaPath.com providing your issue, account name/user ID and a phone number to reach you at, we can try our best to work something out.

If you wish to log a complaint against a particular, or you feel that the service you are getting is not meeting your expectations, please email our dedicated support team @ prioritysupport@MegaPath.com providing the agent's first and last name.

Thank you for choosing MegaPath,

MegaPath SMB Network Operations Center
1-877-611-6342 x5


New York, NY
·Verizon FiOS


Thanks for making the effort but I fear you're fighting a losing battle. The "old" Speakeasy customer support was legendary and there's probably no way Megapath is going to recapture it. Although it's not all Megapath's fault. Bruce Chatterly pretty much flew the Speakeasy plane into the side of the mountain all by himself.


Beverly Hills, CA
reply to MegaPath Dan


I have tired contacting customer service several times and my problems have yet to be resolved. I never received the credits I was promised. I still continue to have problems with my call quality even though I have a bonded T1 (3Mbps).

I even called to order two additional lines back in April. I signed the contract and sent it on on April 27th. I have yet to receive the new phones and have the lines activated.

I have no idea whats going on at Speakeasy/MegaPath. Rest assured I will be leaving Speakeasy/MegaPath as soon as I find another provider who will provide me with REAL customer service and honor the terms of their contracts with their customers.