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Tempe, AZ
·Cox HSI

regarding caps

Cox does have soft caps as far as I understand but they are rarely enforced. »ww2.cox.com/aboutus/policies/limitations.cox

We have the service that has a 200 GB cap and I can guarantee you that we have gone WAY over that (Conservative guess would be terrabytes a month). We have still yet to be contacted by or harassed by cox in any way. It is simply there so that if they have a congested node they have something they can point to.


Norman, OK
I was wondering about that as I have been a loyal customer since they bought out Road Runner and I was with Multimedia before that. I was supposed to be grandfathered in with multiple IP's, but that changed without warning. This is typical of just about everything nowadays.

I am tired of Netflix and was investigating the HBO to GO along with their Cox to Go programs that they just put in place and for the first time I saw a Cap and was surprised as I had never seen that before. I don't abuse the system.

Now I see the DOSIS 3.0 conversion is taking place and noticed the increased speeds and the Caps where higher. They have so many tiers of service now, I am surprised. I am part of the Sam Knows project sponsored by the FCC and I can see any fluctuations in my speeds and get monthly reports and I can log in to their site and retrieve report data as to any fluctuations, which is cool.

I have moved from the east side of Norman where everything is underground and never had any outages lasting longer than a few hours to the West side where I had a squirrel eat through my main line and blew up my router and switches, but Cox came out and fixed it up right away (of course I spent quite a bit of time and money replacing the equipment) and since the wiring is so old at the house the tech installed a separate outlet for the internet connection to get the right figures on the modem. He was nice and did not treat me like a dumb customer and didn’t charge me for the extra drop or replacing the main service entry line. (I used to design POP's for an Engineering firm in Dallas and had clients like Level3 and quite a few other companies throughout the USA). So I have a very good understanding of how the internet works.

Having a Twin Brother that worked for Genuity at a pop in Carrolton, Texas didn't hurt either. He was a Enterprise Certified Novell Engineer and Nortel certified with their fiber equipment. It sure helped with my designs. As at the end of the day I would swing by there and get free fiber training and saw how everything really worked.

I just wish COX would replace the DVR's as they are ancient compared to AT&T and Comcast. It sure would make my life easier as my wife has to record everything and I am responsible for making it available to her. So I wired the entire house with CAT6 wiring with multiple outlets throughout the house. Redundancy really is a good thing as you never know your future needs and whether the critters are going to eat a cable or two.

Overall, I am satisfied with their service and would like them to get better without costing any more, which I am sure with time things will eventually get there.