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Re: If you could add a product, feature or make a change...

Now that are terrific addition.....playing back on any Non-DVR TV....does that include a TV in the house connected directly to cable...no Box at all?

Does anyone know if AT&T charges a fee to Install WHDVR?

When I heard about WHDVR prior to its released I had read one way it might work is that in Playback would flow out over a Not-in-Use Channel. That way, you could tune any TV in the house to that assigned channel... I realize you wouldn't have control.... but sometimes that isn't required. Take the situations where one person wants to watch a live TV program on your main Large screen TV that is connected to the WHDVR....and someone else just wants to watch a recorded show and it doesn't much matter that you can't control the Playback from the remote locations. Actually, I recall years ago Radio Shack sold a Repeator. You placed the receiver in the other room where you where ....the connection ran thru the Cable in the House....the receiver was positioned in front of the cable Box.....and you controlled the device....the technology is out there.......

Stranded in paradise

St. Pete, FL
I have no clue other than what was stated in the press release. I'm not in a UVerse area nor have I ever seen any of their products in action.

It is pretty interesting technology and I'm sure the next few years will bring many exciting new products to our homes.
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tim tim tim

Lutz, FL
dont you have to have a box on any tv to get there cable anyways. They dont offer analog cable like we do as far as I know.