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This is a sub-selection from Sprint


reply to mmay149q

Re: Sprint

Yes they can roam on Verizon network but it is limited to 300MB a month.


Excuse me, I am wrong I think.

Sprint Smartphones should have unlimited data roaming - I checked my data usage on sprint.com and it says Unlimited on Data Roaming part.

So the tethering plans has the 300MB data roaming limitation.


Sprint will need to capitalize on this as it's really the only way they can differentiate from the big 2. Sprint simply must keep the unlimited data option to remain relevant.

Even so, for those who would be roaming full time with Sprint, you shouldn't use them as voice minutes do have roaming limits. I travel a great deal and roam on Sprint at times in small towns/rural areas but haven't even come close to the roaming (voice) limits. Even if they eventually have roaming data limits, is not an issue as long as you live/work in Sprint coverage.


Cleveland, OH
Roaming Limits:

Off-network Roaming: The primary use of your Device must be for domestic purposes within the Sprint-owned network. Domestic means use in the 50 United States and U.S. Territories (except Guam). Sprint reserves the right, without notice, to deny, terminate, modify, disconnect or suspend service if off-network usage in a month exceeds: (1) voice: 800 min. or a majority of minutes; or (2) data: 300 megabytes or a majority of kilobytes. The display on your device may not always be on and will not indicate whether you will incur roaming charges. You can monitor usage online through My Account. Roaming is not available with single-band phones, or to customers who reside or whose primary use is outside an area covered by the Nationwide Sprint Network. Sprint may limit or terminate service if you move outside of the Sprint owned-network.


reply to Razzy12345
I work for care there is a 300mb whilre roaming cap we see not enforced unless you live in a roamimg area if your visiting or traveling they dont look at it we do same thing with voice roaming if you live in a roaming area. Thats always been there, but there is no caps or throttles and if you do go over the roaming data you get a text telling you to call sprint something is wrong. So we can fix the issue and no one is billed