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Dallas, TX
reply to tman852

Re: Say Bye Bye to Unlimited Data

said by tman852:

Given the variance and limitations of 4g/3g/2g, there's a lot of different plans they could employ. 10GB of 4G, 5GB of 3G/2G, anything over either limit is $5 a GB on a monthly basis? Just throwing things around.

Personally with 4G and since LTE uses the spectrum more efficiently I'd say that 25GB should be the minimum limit, however I'm not sure if there's a fixed cost with wireless networks as opposed to wired, so I'd like to see what the actual cost per GB is, I'm pretty sure it's higher than wireline though. as for 3G/2G I think that 7GB is reasonable over 5GB since you can get up to almost 3Mbps a second download on Verizon's 3G (optimal conditions, most of the time it's 1 1/2 Mbps)

But then again this all goes back to my option above, and I think it would be neat to see them say "Well you won't pay overages until after all of your caps have been hit, once you hit 85% of your last cap, you will then get a warning text every 5% with updates on how much you have left. Once you get to 95% you can either have the option to disable data for the month and only use WiFi, or pay $10 per 10GB afterwards having full access to 4G speeds when they are available depending on location/coverage/etc" And then all they need to do is drop the price $5 a month and rake in the $$$ especially if they include free tethering I'm sure a lot of people would use free tethering a lot with having technically a 32GB cap.

I only base my cap and etc information off of the fact that most smart phones only have a 32GB SD card in them maximum, and with the free tethering and tethering counting towards the cap a lot of people would use the service more often for tethering, and etc. And I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't mind paying the extra $10 for 10GB as opposed to $10 per 1GB, plus Verizon would make out making more $$$ per month off data plans than they did before. Of course to keep all of their USB wireless stick plan customers they'd need to up that to the same pricing structure as well.

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