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St Thomas, ON

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reply to xcimo

Re: Anyone using Unblock-us?

> Sure but if unblock.us does it with a purly dns based solution

Can someone explain exactly how a "dns-based location solution" is performed?

Edit: Ok, so it's basically a DNS server that is hooked into a database of IP subnet records organized according to the operational desire of the DNS owner/operator. Those desires may simply be network efficiency (give a DNS result that is the shortest path between the target machine and the machine doing the query) or it may be content redirection or blocking, etc (give a requestor in country "A" a response that is also located in country "A").

I can see all sorts of holes in this, such as how do you deal with DNS caching that might be happening in various places on the network, but beyond that it just seems that if you set your DNS server setting in your OS to point to a server in the target country (ie - the USA, like then you've fooled this DNS-based location method into thinking that you're in the US.

Beyond that, if you know the FQDN's of the US machines that you want to pull content from, simply hard-code their real US IP address into your hosts file.

Gatineau, QC

As far as I can tell, the way the service works is that the DNS redirects traffic to selected domains through their own proxy, as opposed to directly to the domain. Anything that isn't one of the selected sites doesn't go through the proxy.

Pretty sure using this service, if you looked up Netflix by IP as opposed to Netflix.com, it would send you to the Canadian one.
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I used this service for a bit of time.

I changed my dns settings in windows .

left my router alone.

and i was watching hulu and netflix usa just fine.

not sure how it works but it does