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Winchester, MA
reply to mattlach

Re: FIOS MoCA Help?


So I have come to the conclusion that the dual MCA1001 MoCA bridge is a bust.

I just did a test today with a known good splitter. Through the splitter, both the WAN (at 1000mhz) and the LAN (at 1150mhz) work fine independently of eachother. Whenever both are running at the same time, transfer speeds drop through the floor and wind up being approximately 0.3 Mbit/s.

There must be some sort of interference between the two bands, even though they are 100mhz apart. I don't know if this is a isolated MCA1001 problem, or if it affects MoCA bridges in general, as these are the only ones I have any experience with. Maybe the official verizon routers have some sort of internal mechanism to deal with this interference?

As an alternative - even though I didn't think I was going to be able to - I may have found a way to snake through a cat6 cable to the ONT.

What do I need to do in order to switch the ONT from MoCA to ethernet mode? Is it just a matter of taking the cover off and plugging in the ethernet cable, or is there some sort of configuration I need to get Verizon involved with?


More Fiber
West Chester, PA
One thing just hit me. Are your coax connections to both MCA1001 to the COAX IN connectors? I know that sounds counter-intuitive, especially for the MOCA LAN bridge. MCA1001s don't pass MOCA signals to the COAX OUT connector.

This is also contrary to the examples in the MCA1101 manual which say to connect STBs to the COAX OUT port. The Netgear documentation is assuming standard (non-MOCA) cable boxes.
There are 10 kinds of people in the world; those who understand binary and those who don't.


Winchester, MA
Yep, I caught that from reading the manual.

Both were connected to the coax in ports, thats why I needed the splitter in the first place.

Both channels would work well in isolation from eachother, but when used at the same time, transfer speeds would crash.


So, I was able to route my ethernet cable through a concrete wall next to a pipe into the basement where the ONT is. I plugged it in to the ONT, and plugged the other end into the ethernet plug on the Westell modem.

After calling Verizon and having them switch the ONT it worked, and it reduced my latencies to the outside world by ~3ms on average

Then I released my DHCP lease, and switched to my Netgear WNDR3700, and it worked too, giving me an additional ~3ms latency reduction on average.

After that I connected one of the two MCA1001's (the one I previously configured at 1150mhz) and the set top boxes work just as well as they did on either the Actiontec or the Westell.

So I guess I now have a setup #9 from the FAQ. Couldn't be happier. This seems like the setup to have unless you really need remote DVR, on-screen called ID or Verizon's CPE Management interface (whatever this is?)

My bandwidth is every bit as good as with the Westell modem (31Mbps down, 24.8MBps up, I pay for 25/25) but my latencies to the closest test servers dropped from an average of 13ms to an average of 7ms, which I am pretty happy with

Next step (once I have given this setup a few days to see if there are any intermittent problems) is to reflash my router with DD-WRT and see if that works

Now, what do I do with this second MoCA box... Is there a room in the house with a coax plug I need wired internet in maybe? Too bad MoCA doesn't provide gigabit speeds.

Thank you for all your help


Rockville, MD
I am saddened that you had to abandon your original plans. Dropping the Actiontec/Westell altogether would be fantastic.


Winchester, MA
I'm not too saddened myself.

It didn't really work out the way I had planned, but now that I am linked via ethernet, it seems to perform better, and I am certainly happy with that