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HS in CO


Connecting to Windows Live

Since my conversion from msn.com to q.com, I can't link to Windows Live since I use this email with Windows Live for sending documents from genealogy websites I need to get this cleared up. When I check the continue options with Quest and the option I check is continue with Windows Live ID I still can't connect.



Ok you will need to clarify a couple of things.. When did you convert from Msn.com to Q.com & have you had any other Q.com email addresses in the past?

Also what Windows Live service are you trying to link to, that you cannot connect? I'm assuming you are having issues with email

When you converted your account, it creates a Q.com address on Qwest new personal home page offering & email service (which is not part of MS Live Services). When you converted, you should have got a q.com login & password, so you can log into "myqwest.com" which has a button/section for the email portion.

Your Msn.com address should still work (I had a Msn.com address originally & now have a Q.com address & my msn.com still works).

So overall if you want to see your q.com email, you have to go thru myqwest.com & if you want to see your msn.com, you have to go thru hotmail.com (unless you use something like Windows Live Mail, the you should be able to configure both accts under that).

If you use Live messenger, your msn.com address should still work for that as MS doesn't know about your new Q.com address

Boise, ID
reply to HS in CO

Hello HS in CO, Steph from Qwest here,

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with your service, you may want to review the troubleshooting documents here for help »www.qwest.com/internethelp/email.html

thank you

Stephanie Lake
Manager, Talk To Qwest Team

"At Qwest your account information is confidential and protected by law, so I need your permission to access the account.